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Self Exploration

Floating was originally developed by a Neuroscientist.

John C Lilly, the creator of the original floatation tank, was a neuroscientist. He wanted to investigate what happens in your mind when you are floating.

“From a neurophysiological standpoint, one has immediately freed up very large masses of neurons from the necessity of constant computations”

In the 1960s, John C. Lilly became interested in sensory deprivation tanks and their potential therapeutic uses. He found that floating allowed him to explore the nature of his consciousness and he published a book about his findings.

Many of our customers say they experience moments of clarity during their sessions where they manage to solve an illusive problem or make a decision that has bothered them. Additionally, the deep state of mindful relaxation frees us from anxiety and allows us to tap into creativity.

Joe Rogan, one of today’s best-known advocates of floating and the person responsible for us first floating, says floating is: “The most important tool I have ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving.”

In the moments of heightened awareness we experience whilst floating, free from all stress and without distraction, exploration of our consciousness becomes more possible.