Flotation Tanks

Unwind Your Mind, Relax Your Body, Go with the Float.

What is Floating?

Floatation Tanks are also sometimes known as Isolation Pods.
Floating is simply the act of relaxing in a Floatation Tank with all sights and sounds removed.
This helps with drifting into a meditative state that rejuvenates your mind and body.
A Floatation Tank is a sound and light proofed tank filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt water heated to match your skin temperature.
The effortless floatation is only achieved by adding a high concentration of Epsom salts to the water.
This raises the density and buoyancy of the water allowing you to experience a near weightlessness like never before.
Epsom Salts alone are shown to help with stress, muscle strain, joint stiffness, inflammation and several other benefits.


Joy of Float Tanks

Is Floating for Me?

For many people floating allows them to focus on the more important things, work out problems, think broader when required or to pinpoint their thoughts if needed.  It boosts creativity and more experienced floaters can, during longer and deeper floats, experience moments of great clarity.  Physically it generally leaves you feeling refreshed and restored, being a troubled sleeper I have often left the pod room feeling like I have had the best sleep ever, even after only having a couple of hours sleep the previous night.  Based on brain and sleep analysis it is proven that just 1 hour in a Floatation Tank can have the same effect as several hours of deep REM sleep.  

Fully Stretched out in Floatation Tank

Why Floating Can Help.

Every day we are bombarded by technology, sitting in front of a screen at work, just to come home and be glued to a TV or mobile phone.
As a result, our stress and indeed our anxiety levels are starting to have lasting negative effects on us such as adrenal fatigue and not feeling centred. Our minds are constantly in flight mode caused my the brain chemical cortisol.
It really is true that a healthy mind can in turn lead to a healthier body.
Its vital we find our peace of mind and relax.

Floating helps to lower blood pressure, has been scientifically proven to lower cortisol levels and increases your circulation, which helps us enter our flow state more easily, which in turn helps our bodies to heal. This is why more and more professional sportspeople are turning to therapies and treatments like floating to boost their recovery rates and in turn improve their performance.

And whats more, the more you float, the greater the benefits become.  As you become used to the Floatation Pod and your surroundings you will feel more comfortable, knowing what to expect.  This allows you to learn to control your head space during the float, enhancing your journey and increase your feeling of well being.  

Float Space Head Shot

Why Choose Float Space?

What makes us happiest is knowing that more people are floating and as a result more people are benefiting from it.  
There are only around 50 float centres in the UK, so you may find we are simply the closest.  But we don’t want to rely on that alone.  We want to create a space that enhances and improves your floatation tank experience. 

Our spacious building allows us to have larger than usual Pod Rooms with room for showers and changing, seating and of course the large and spacious I-Sense V3 Floatation Tanks that we use.   We also have 3 hair and make-up booths for after your float, with hair dryers provided for your use.

Once you have finished your float or any other session with us you are welcome to relax and reflect in our cozy Reflection Space.  This space has been designed to allow comfort and will be lit with sensory and quirky lighting with books, art and more to bring back your senses in a gentle manner as well as hopefully providing you additional inspiration or stimulus.  We will always be on hand to see how you enjoyed your experience as we have found this an excellent way to encourage reflection on your experience.