Terms & Conditions

Last updated 9th Jan 2021

You must understand and agree to these terms and conditions to be able to float.

You cannot accept these terms and conditions on behalf of any one else.

We (Float Space) need you (the customer) to agree to our terms and conditions otherwise you will not be able to float. We hope you appreciate that there is a good reason for all the conditions.  We aim to communicate them here in plain language. If you have any questions, or if anything is unclear, please contact us for clarification.

Please read the following conditions carefully before placing an order on our website or by phone. By placing an order you accept these terms and conditions.


There will be wet and potentially slippery surfaces in the float centre. You must behave with due care and attention during your visit.

You must not float if you:

  • are under the influence of any drug including alcohol
  • have open wounds, sores, or rashes
  • have any contagious illness or disease*
  • have incontinence
  • have uncontrolled kidney disease
  • have uncontrolled psychosis or schizophrenia
  • have an uncontrolled seizure disorder
  • have an uncontrolled heart condition
  • have recently had chemotherapy
  • are allergic to Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) or hydrogen peroxide
  • are in the first trimester of pregnancy

In the event that you have one of these conditions, you must consult your healthcare professional to get confirmation from them that it is safe for you to float and that by floating you would not put others at risk. If your healthcare professional requires more information about floatation before they can make this judgement, please given them this document which explains floatation.

If you develop one of these health conditions in future, you will no longer be allowed to float without the go ahead from your healthcare professional.

If floating while on your period, you must use a tampon or menstrual cup to control your flow, as you would in a swimming pool. If you use a tampon please ensure it is fully inserted.

If you suffer from severe motion sickness in other circumstances (eg in a boat, car etc), there is a chance you could suffer from it in the pod. If you usually use medication to control your motion sickness in these circumstances, you may wish to consider doing so in the case of floating.

If you are diabetic, please be aware that floating reduces the cortisol level in the body, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels.

Floating reduces your blood pressure, so if you already have low blood pressure please take extra care when exiting the pod.  Sit up, then pause to assess yourself before standing.

*Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You must not float if you currently have COVID -19 or suspect that you may have it, or if you have had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days, or if you have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms in the last 14 days:

  • Continuous dry cough
  • Fever / high temperature
  • Loss of, or change in normal sense of taste or smell

You must not come to float if you are self-isolating due to COVID-19, or suspected COVID-19. You must not come to float if you have been advised to shield at home.

You must follow current best practice based on sound scientific research to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19, including:

  • Using the hand sanitiser provided upon arrival in reception
  • Maintaining the recommended social distance from others when at the float centre
  • Covering your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when you cough or sneeze
  • Avoiding touching surfaces unnecessarily
  • Wearing a face covering in common areas unless you have a valid health reason not to

You must conform to current legislation relating to COVID-19.

If you have recently been in an environment where there is a high risk of COVID-19 such as working in a ‘frontline’ job in the NHS or care sector, you must change your clothes and shower before coming for your float.

By coming to Float Space you accept and agree that:

  1. Float Space is taking reasonable measures to mitigate the risk of transmission or coronavirus (COVID-19),
  2. you will personally take all reasonable actions to mitigate the risk of transmission, and
  3. you choose to visit Float Space at your own risk.

You must not come to float if you develop COVID-19 symptoms after booking but prior to your appointment. You must inform us by phone as soon as you develop symptoms, with as much notice as possible, so that we can reschedule your appointment.

You must inform us by phone if you develop any symptoms in the days following your appointment.

If you have a health condition, and are in any doubt about whether you can float safely, please consult your doctor before booking.

For your comfort, we also recommend that you do not come to float soon after:

  • Caffeine (within the last 4 hours)
  • A large meal within the last hour or so
  • Waxing (eg within last 24 – 48 hours)
  • Shaving (eg within last 12 – 24 hours)
  • Recent vigorous sex
  • Giving birth (before you have healed)
  • A new piercing or tattoo (If your tattoo or piercing is not fully healed, it is going to sting when it comes into contact with the salty water. We advise that you wait 3 – 4 weeks after getting your tattoo or piercing, before floating. As a test, try applying hand sanitiser to the area. If it stings, you’ll want to wait a little longer before you get in the float pod)

Receiving Instruction

You must have recevied instruction on what is required when you float, before you first float. This is for your own safety. You must watch the instruction video before you come for your first float. If you arrive and have not yet watched the video you will be required to watch it before you float, which may reduce the time available for your float. The video is about 14 minutes in duration.

Intake form

You must complete an intake form before you first float. Please complete this before you come for your first float. If you arrive and have not yet completed an intake form you will be required to do so before you float, which may reduce the time available for your float.


Float in the Forest is on the ground floor, predominantly on a level, with some 1:12 ramps. You must be capable of independently moving around the float centre safely.

Getting in and out of the float pod is similar to getting in and out of a bath. You must be able to do this unaided, or be accompanied by someone who is qualified and insured to help you with this.


When you visit this website it places pieces of data on your device called cookies. Some of these cookies are used to track the actions you take on the website (such as which pages you visit). Information about these actions is recorded by Google and Facebook, who provide Float in the Forest with anonymised summaries about the actions of visitors to this website. Float in the Forest uses these insights to help our efforts to bring the benefits of floatation to as many people as possible. By using this website you consent to this.  

Conditions of booking

Payments, cancellation and refunds

Full payment is due at the point of booking.

If you book an appointment and need to cancel or reschedule that appointment, you must phone 01594 715215 to let us know at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment time.  You cannot reschedule your appointment more then 3 times.

You must not come to float if you develop COVID-19 symptoms after booking but prior to your appointment. You must inform us by phone as soon as you develop syptoms, with as much notice as possible, so that we can reschedule your appointment.

Unless due to COVID-19, if you give less than 48 hours’ notice you will not be able to cancel or reschedule.  If you give less than 48 hours’ notice and fail to attend your appointment, you are not entitled to any refund. If you booked the float using a float credit or voucher you have on account, then that credit will be spent.

If you arrive late for your appointment we cannot guarantee that you will be able to have a full 1 hour float.  If you are very late, you may not be able to float at all.

Packages are non-refundable.

Packages are non-transferable, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the description of the package.

Booked appointments are non-refundable. If you cancel your appointment you will recevie a credit in the form of a unique code with an expiry date of a minimum of 3 months in the future. You can use this code to rebook a new appointment.


The minimum age to float at Float in the Forest is 18.  We may require you to produce photo ID as proof of age.

You will need to provide the following personal information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • A declaration that you do not have any of the health conditions listed above

You consent to us storing this information in accordance with our privacy statement.

If your circumstances change (including name, email address, etc) you must inform us before you next come to float.


You will behave appropriately during your visit to Float in the Forest.  This means that you will follow the reasonable instructions of the float centre staff. You will show respect to the staff, facilities and fellow customers at Float in the Forest.  If in the judgement of the staff your behaviour is inappropriate you may be asked to leave, in which case you will comply.  In this circumstance you will not be eligible for a refund.

You are required to have a shower and wash thoroughly (including your hair) before you float. You must not use any conditioner when you shower before you float (you are of course welcome to use your own products and conditioner after your float).

You must not put anything into the float solution except your body. You must not add any perfumes, essential oils, bath salts, chemicals, or any other substance to the float solution. You must remove any makeup before floating.  We also ask that you take off any jewellery that can be removed.

If you contaminate the float solution in any way you agree to pay up to £1200 towards the cost of making good the pod and solution, and offsetting lost income.

To avoid contaminating the float solution with hair dye, you must not float if you have recently dyed your hair.  As a general rule, we recommend waiting at least 10 days, or 30 days for dyed shades of red.  Please make sure that the water running through your hair when you shower at home is fully clear. Sometimes this can take a few washes.  If there is any colour coming out, please leave it another wash or two before floating.  Please be aware that there is no way around this, and wearing a swimming cap will not help.

If you cause damage to any towels, eg staining them with hair dye, we may have to charge you to replace the towel(s).

You are responsible for any property damage you may cause, for example including marks to the surface of the float pods due to contact with your nail varnish.

You are also responsible for your own belongings during your visit.


We aim to ensure all prices and website content are accurate at all times, but if we make a mistake we may not be able to honour it.

Everyone’s experience of floating can be different.  It can take a little time to get used to it and really feel the benefits. We ask that you have no expectations.  Please be aware that any expectations you may have about the nature of your float experience may not be fulfilled. You may have unforeseeable experiences.

We will do our best to ensure that you enjoy your experience at Float in the Forest, but if you have any complaints please talk to us on the day, or send us an email as soon as possible afterwards.  We will endeavour to respond to your email within 48 hours, and to work the issue through to a conclusion that we are all happy with.

Offers & deals

Gift cards

Gift cards are non-refundable.  The period of validity is clearly stated in the description of the gift card.  The person receiving the gift card must agree to these terms and conditions before they can float.

Thank you