Floatation Tank Therapy & Wellness Centre

South Yorkshires only Floatation Centre, Based in Thorne, Doncaster

Float Space plans to open early 2021!

**Covid Update - Depending on length of the current lockdown we should now be opening late February/Early March**

For now you can check out our site, purchase gift vouchers, or if you are looking for Natures Therapy CBD Oils and Organic Mushrooms just click the link below!

Float Space is a family owned Floatation Tank and Wellness Centre located just outside of Doncaster, in the historical market town of Thorne, less than 1 mile from both the M18 and M180 Motorways.

We believe feeling good starts on the inside and we are certain there are few better ways to achieve this than floating.
Floating  allows you to completely disconnect yourself from external influence and distraction and find a whole new connection within.

The modern world, where we are always connected to some form of technology is proven to cause numerous mental and physical problems, we aim to create a space where we can help you turn back the clock and undo all the stresses and strains on your mind and body. 

Floatation and Isolation Pods are proven through studies to help with many different issues, from chronic pain to anxiety.

We currently have 2 Float Tank rooms and 1 (3 Person) Infrared Sauna room.  

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