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Floatation Therapy
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Treat yourself of someone you care about to the experience of pure relaxation.

South Yorkshires only Floatation Centre, Based in Thorne, Doncaster

Float Space is South Yorkshire’s only Floatation Tank and Wellness Centre, located just outside of Doncaster, in the market town of Thorne, less than 1 mile from both the M18 and M180 Motorways.

Floatation and Isolation Pods are proven through studies to help with many different issues, from chronic pain to anxiety.

We currently have 2 Float Tank rooms and 1 (3 Person) Sauna room that is soon to open.  

The modern world, where we are always connected to some form of technology is proven to cause numerous mental and physical problems. 

More than ever people’s health is being affected by this and we have created a space where we can help you turn back the clock both on stress and improve mental health, but also helping your body recover or even find relief from pain.  Floatation Therapy is a great way to boost your bodies natural healing process, by entering a restive state with no outside distractions. 

Floating  allows you to completely disconnect yourself from external influence and distraction and find a whole new connection within.  

Floatation Therapy
Floatation Therapy
Floatation Therapy
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Floatation Therapy
Full Relaxation for Mind and Body

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Infrared Sauna with added Light Therapy
Helps with stress, improves health and immune system response, rejuvenation and muscle recovery.

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Sports & Relaxation Massage Therapy
Completely destress with Swedish and Hot Stone Massage or have our Lv4 sports masseuse heal your aches and pains. We even offer dry cupping therapy.

About Floatation Therapy


Whether you’re a newbie to the world of float tank therapy or you’re simply ready to take a step towards improving your health and wellness, we have all the information you need. 

What is Floating or Floatation Therapy?

Known as Sensory Deprivation Therapy or Float Tank Therapy, floating is essentially a way to provide nothingness for your mind and body. 
It is achieved by reducing sensory input as much as possible – Sound, Sight, Smell,  Touch and also the weight of Gravity.
The best way to do this is with the help of an isolation pod, 500 Litres of water as well as 300 Kilogram of Epsom salts kept at exact skin temperature, enclosed in total darkness (If you choose), and total silence.

Floating is essentially a time out for the mind and body, completely disconnecting yourself – away from all the distractions of daily life – to a much deeper state of relaxation.
Deep relaxation that offers physical and mental rest, focus, enhanced recovery, respite, and self exploration.

Why Do People Float?

We have come across many reasons to float and as the amount of research increases so are the number of benefits to be found from Floatation Tank use – here are just a few of the more common: 
Time to yourself to relax and de-stress.  Increase and speed up athletic and muscle recovery.  Enhanced focus and thought processing.   To aid or enhance meditation and mindfulness.   Relief from pain, especially effective with back injuries but also tension related pain, many Fibromyalgia sufferers use floatation therapy to ease their symptoms.   As a tool to aid therapeutic processing or counselling, including PTSD therapy.  

At the very least, Floating is an escape from the modern day world which overwhelms the senses… No phone alerts. No screens. No environmental stress.  Just you, yourself and nothing else.

Where Can You Float?

Float centers like ourselves are perfect for regular use, however it is possible to own your very own float tank, and the costs over time could give you a saving.  We also act as distributors for UK, USA and European Float Manufacturers.  Anyone with a spare room no smaller than 2.5m x 3.5m could have their own float tank. With the right planning and design it isn’t as hard as you might think.  We’d be happy to chat with you about the requirements, we can even design and install from the ground up.  

How Should You Float?

You should treat your floatation experience as your own journey. Your first few floats, you might find yourself losing track of time or even falling asleep or you may find the opposite as some people struggle to allow themselves to fully relax, but don’t worry as this is common and is quite normal as your brain simply does not like a lack of input.  The more you float, the more you can get from the experience as you become more comfortable in the environment and learn to let go.  It is often a good idea to enter with a meditation plan, or simply a work or life subject that you would like to focus on.
Many people keep a float diary or journal, and update it afterward to help capture thoughts, ideas and realizations.
However you spend your time in the tank we say you should give it a few tries before you decide to continue floating or even take it to the next level with a Float Tank in your own home.

When Should You Float?

Some people float after a long, stressful day at work to help them relax and process. Some like to float in the morning so they can visualise their day and any possible challenges they want to take on or expect. Some athletes float right before a big game or event to visualise their performance, some float after to use the muscle relaxation for recovery, and many do both.  The best answer is, when does floating feel right to you?


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