Athletic Recovery Floatation Tank

Pain and Physical Therapy

Relief from gravitational pressure gives our body a break, and allows blood to flow freely to parts of our body that may be injured, painful, or need to recover from intense exercise.

Normally, our bodies are subjected to gravitational pressure. But in an Epsom salt bath, the concentration of salts allows us to float effortlessly. Epsom salt baths have been reported to have significant impact on hypertension, chronic tension headaches, and chronic pain in the back and neck.

Increased blood flow also allows our body to eliminate waste and toxins such as lactic acid, which causes pain and cramping when left to build up. Coupled with the ability to become aware of knots and tensions, floating allows athletes and gym-goers to heal faster and overcome fatigue.

In recent years, floating has been used as a form of alternative medicine to treat many conditions from fibromyalgia to arthritis. It is reported as being particularly effective in relieving back pain, with a 2017 study conducted over 4 weeks concluding:

‘Floating has a direct and positive effect on reducing the intensity and frequency of chronic back pain, as well as improving associated sleep quality, anxiety and depression […] Floating twice weekly has a more pronounced effect than one float per week.’

In Fine and Borrie’s 1978 study, the participants were made up of people who had experienced chronic pain for over 6 months. They reported a reduction in the amount of pain that averaged at 31.3%, with the greatest relief in the upper back region at 63.6%, and the lowest was in the legs at 15.3%.

Studies also show further relief can be achieved with regular use of the tanks, with many reporting the after effects lasting longer between sessions the more they came. Weekly or Fortnightly visits are shown to be the most effective in providing pain relief.

Floating for recovery is being adopted by many professional sporting teams, clubs and individuals. At Float Space we have worked with anyone from runners, to boxers to professional body builders.

When you consider floatation increases the oxygen content in the blood, relaxes tired muscles, removes all strain from joints and tendons, lowers adrenaline and removes lactic acid build up, improves sleep and helps with mindset and visualisation techniques, it is really no surprise.