10 Sauna Sessions Saver

10 Sauna Session Saver vouchers get you £190 of store credit, either online or in store, enough to book 10  Infrared Sauna Sessions! 
(Single Person Sessions are £19 each – Upto 2 guests can also attend at £5 per additional person) 

Our Gift vouchers act as store credit and the 30 minute sessions have a store value of £19 (Gift Vouchers do not work with other discounts and are product specific).

That’s right, we’ll gift you £60 off of the actual value, so you only pay £130!

All that is needed to redeem is come onto our site, select a booking date, sign in and input the voucher/coupon code at checkout, the same code can be used until all the credit has been used up.  Please ensure you have the voucher code to hand when booking in store.

Our vouchers are also completely transferable, this means anyone can use the voucher, or store credit so long as they have your unique voucher code, so keep it safe!

Vouchers or Store Credits must be spent within 365 days of their purchase.

£190.00 £130.00